Update a7.5

I changed the tag to A (alpha) because the next changes will add more features and extend the gameplay.
The web version is no longer supported, the game files was getting to big and the loading screens taking too much time.

From this version onwards, updates will be in .zip containing the .EXE and necessary files. It will only be necessary to extract the contents in the game folder and run the .EXE thus keeping your progress.

- New maps
- New enemies
- EXE file instead WEB version


• Sounds
I will start working on the definitive sounds after finish the 4th boss of the game (stage were i will start the polishment).
For now, i am going to use generic ones.

• False warnings
Until i post the game on steam its possible that you get "warning" on windows or Anti-virus according the .EXE file.
Its a false positive because the game is not registered yet (too expensive for that right now) . Its a problem with the engine i'm using where they said is fixed, but this message is just in case its not.

- Boss 2/4 will be included (they are already on patreon version, but not polished yet)
- Cut scenes is being made

If you have any problems, ideas, suggestions thats not above or mentioned on other updates, feel free to post here or send a message on twitter. All i want is to make a good lewd game, but i'm working alone on this, so will take a lot of effort and time :).

Thank you for playing o/!


Miho Adventures 7.5.zip 8 MB
Jul 18, 2021

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I have to ask: is it now easier to unlock hscenes or is it still the same? I'm fine with it if its still the same cuz it makes it more rewarding due to the hard work I'll(eventually) put in, though I won't lie that I kinda suck at games like this. But I won't let that deter me in beating it with everything unlocked


Hi Aoyami,
At the moment, it's still the same, but I have some changes prepared for the next update, where you can get more gold.

Wow these upcoming updates sound amazing. I can't wait!