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Does not launch for me for some reason.

Fun game but wish there were longer scenes and instead of buying pics I wish they were aminations.(3star)


it says inaccessible when i open it


Hey if you are  reading this then one question what happens if you make another lewd game ,this time with only naked girls without any single clothing?

Is there a way to use a Controller?

Also will there be an Linux/Android version?

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Wine is unable to Launch the game but Proton is, but still if you launch the game with proton a lot of stuff is broken (money level selection and more). i think these are broken since the game maybe cant make savefiles when Translated by Proton.

Edit: sometimes money and levels work but they dont get saved so everytime you restart the game all your progress is lost

how do you get past the door on stage 17

I see a white screen nothing more


way to grindy to farm coins for 1 pic




Ngl it's pretty cringe when she says "Nyan" the way she does.

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The play in browser dont have touch for smartphones ;-;

nice game


Idk if you all are still updating the game, but a way to change controls would be really good.

on patreon game version 8 is out since this month


This looks so good! Can you make it compatable for Android?

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Good stuff so far!
It might be nice if the player recovered health after an "H animation." In some spots, there are large packs of enemies that are hard to get around, so you can take a lot of damage. But then there doesn't seem to be any way to recover health in the middle of a stage.

When I hit launch it just opens a folder..


i think it would be cool if you added an upgrade system, so you could upgrade attack damage/speed animation speed and coin amount.

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Doesn’t seem to run in Desktop Chrome. It just loads and then there is a black screen forever. – All my adblockers are disabled, and I’m not in anonymous mode. Cookies are enabled.

The only thing in my error console is “18-miho-adventures:1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: screen.orientation.lock() is not available on this device”.

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Would be nice if you could change the Controlls 


I will try to insert this option soon, thanks :).

Hell Yeah Thx Buddy =D 

i cant even start i


If you are using anonymous mode, you need to enable cookies (used to save game progress).
Otherwise will show only a black screen


would be better if the enemies fricked you instead of the other way around.

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the voice is project melody love it

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wait what? the voice for the miho is Projekt Melody's?

Edit: the voice that speaks everytime we have to pick a stage?


Pls add dowloadable version 

Soon, after finishing the essentials of the game, we will have .EXE and APK (android)

Is anyone else having trouble opening the web version? The loading bar completes and I hear a "meow", but then I get a black screen.



If you are using anonymous mode, you need to enable cookies (used to save game progress)


Thanks, adjusting my cookies got everything working perfectly!

such an amazing game loved the first part cant wait for more scenes and some cum sounds but overall a really good game